About A-one

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About A-one

Is a local company in Ranong who service the Liveaboard  dive safaris in Southern Thailand and Myanmar.
      You can exploring the best Andaman Sea dive site at Similan Island Surin Island, Richelieu Rock and Burmar Bank,Mergui Archipelago.
Trip A : Dance with Whale Shark.
Surin Isd., Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock
4 days/ 3 nights (11 dives)

Day1: Meeting at A-one Shop check in & try diving equipment at 1pm. Departure from Ranong about 4 pm. , Koh Payam at 6:30 pm. and Leave to Surin Isd.
Day2: 4 dives in pinnacle of Koh Tachai the home of Leopard Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Manta Ray. Night Dive in Koh Torinla.
Day3: 4 dives in Koh Pachumba, North Surin Isd., South Surin Isd. seeing Turtles, Big parrot fishes, Reef sharks, Napoleons and small stuffs. Visiting to Sea Gypsy Village on Surin Island
Day4: Big Aquarium "Richlieu Rock"
Under water will seeing Largest marine life species in Thailand, Whale Shark, Manta Ray and Sharks. The small species of Seahorse, Ghost pipe fish, for 3 dives and Back to Ranong.

More info:http://a-one-diving.com/schedules.html

Contact: info@a-one-diving.com
+66(0)81 8915510, +66(0)77 832984

Trip B : Accompany with Manta
Koh Tachai, Koh Bon, Similan Isd., Richelieu Rock.
4 days/4 nights (15 dives)

Day1: Meeting at A-one Shop, Check in and trying equipment is 1pm. Leave from Ranong 4 pm. pick up guide 6:30pm at Koh Payam and leavin to Koh Tachai.
Day2: First dive seeing Leopard Sharks and Nurse sharks. Then dive in Koh Bon wiyh Manta Rays. Leaving to Similan Isd., the beautiful coral reef and Reef fishes. One more dive in northern of Similan Isd. And one night dive to seeing reef sharks, Napoleons, Barracudas and small stuff.
Day3: 4 dives in South and Middle part of Similan Isd. Evening visit to Beach of Similan Island.
Day4: 2 dives to seeing the most attractive Coral life in north similan Isd., and back to Koh Bon seeing Manta Rays one dive and Koh Tachai pinnacal seeing Manta Ray & Whale Sharks one more dive.
Day5: 3 dives at the Big aquarium "Richelieu Rock" to seeing largest marine life species and the small species of Seahorse, Ghose pipe fish, many species of Nudibranch and Back to Ranong

More info:http://a-one-diving.com/schedules.html

Contact: info@a-one-diving.com
+66(0)81 8915510, +66(0)77 832984

Trip M1 : Mergui Archipelago the  Andaman Adventure.
Twin Island, Western Rocky, Shark Cave
5 days / 4 nights (16 dives)

Day1 : meeting at A-one Shop 7 am. and Onboard at 8 am. Going to Kawthoung, Myanmar to get visa and a short sight seeing.
Three dives at Cock's Comb and neighboring Isd., It's a limestone mountains with cliffs, cave and white sandy beach. Seeing colorful soft coral and caves seeing Black tip sharks, Tunas, Snappers, Stingray, Turtle, Rare and Nudibranchs.

Day 2: First dive at Honor Rock a colorful soft coral and huge seafan forest. Second dive at Western Rocky and a Tunnel at 20 meters depth a good change to seeing Bow mouth guitar fish, Nurse Shark, Gray reef shark and lot of Lobsters.
Day 3: 2 dives in Maclod island, it's a good change to seeing Manta Ray, Various Shark Species, Lobsters, Herlequin shrimp, Frog fish and Sea horse. 2 dives at the Arch of Stewart island and Tower rock of Mc Carthy Island. The sites are beauti coral reef.
Day4 : 2 dives in North Twin Isd., a good coral life and a big stuff of andaman fish species. Next dive is Shark Cave a change to seeing big sharks. Night dive in GT Swington to seeing Barracuda around beautiful reef.
Day 5: 2 dives in Rocky island and High Rock we can find small species such as Pipe fish, Pineapple fish, Frogfish, Seahorse and Nudibanchs. Then back to Kawthoug and Ranong.

More Info:http://a-one-diving.com/schedules.html

Contact: info@a-one-diving.com
+66(0)81 8915510, +66(0)77 832984
Trip M2: Journey through Mergui Archipelago, the Andaman Island.
Western Rocky, North Twin, South Twin, Shark cave, Black Rock
6 days / 5 nights (20 dives)

Day1 : 7am. meeting at A-One office at 7:00 am. to check in and trying equipment. On 8:00am. are onboard and leaving to Kawthoung, Myanmar to getting Visa and have a shot sightseeing.
Three dives in Cock's comb a limestone moutains with cliffs, caves and white sandy beaches. Dive sight is a soft coral and caves we can seeing Black tip sharks, Tunas, Snappers, Stingrays, Turtle, Rare and Species of Nudibranchs.

Day 2: First dive in Honor Rock the soft coral are colorful and huge seafan forest Second dive is the best dive site is a Western Rocky and next one is a Tunnel(cave) at 20 meters dept is a good change to see Bowmouth Guitar fishes, Harlequin Shrimps. Final dive at in South Rock can seeing Lobsters and beautiful Reef fish.
Day3: 4 dives are Macleod island, The Arch of Stewart island and North Twin to seeing Manta Ray, Various shark species, Lobsters, Harlequin shrimp, Frogfish and Seahorse. The sight are very good visibility to see soft coral reef and small species.
Day4: 4 dives in Black Rock is a very good visibility and can seeing big stuff like Sharks, Rays and beautiful coral life.
Day5: 4 dives at North Twin Island and Shark Cave. It's a good change to seeing a Shark inside the cave. Night dive in Gt Swington seeing Barracuda around beautiful reef.

More info:http://a-one-diving.com/schedules.html

Contact: info@a-one-diving.com
+66(0)81 8915510, +66(0)77 832984
Diving Education by PADI license.
Open Water
     The Beginning program for diving course the student can be study theory and shallow water training sessions in pool and in the diving trip.

    This course is above all practical. It's a perfect way to review theoretical knowlage and be introduct 5 dives program for example The deep dive, The navigation dives, The night dive and Finally you'll get ready for new underwater advantures.

Medic First AID
    This program gives you the essentials of general first aid.

    The couse will complete your knowladge in diving physiology, equipment and more. You can handle stress under water, applying the Medic first AID's theory to more specific diving problems.

Dive Master
    First professional level of the PADI system, Dive Master is a guide for certified divers 4 to 6 weeks minimum are required to complete the coures. The Dive Master'll become responsible of equipment, the logistics and guides. It's to be challange your self.

More info:http://www.a-one-diving.com/dive-course.html

Contact: info@a-one-diving.com
+66(0)81 8915510, +66(0)77 832984

Dive Boat Fleet
Our boats on service for Liveaboard are 4 wooden boat. Seaworld, Seaworld 1, Seahorse and SY Wanderlust.
    We design for all purpose of liveaboard safari. All accommodation onboard is air-condition and located on the main deck with great seaview. You also can choose the VIP room with shower & toilet or Private Ben-bed rooms for two person. A living room with TV,DVD,stereo systems. Sundecks and Nice Asian food.
    A large dive platform and gearing up area, Communication on boat by Satellite phone-VHF mobile phone , Emergency with First Aid Kit, Fire extinguisher, life jackets and life raft.

More Info:


Contact: info@a-one-diving.com
+66(0)81 8915510, +66(0)77 832984


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