Cultural of 9 Temples, Ranong

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Cultural of 9 Temples, Ranong

Culture of 9 Temple in Ranong, Thailand
Suwankirivihan (Na Muang Temple)
It's the frist temple in Ranong Province and built over 100 years ago. Location 
on Chart Cha Lerm Rd., the temple have a Burmese Style Pagoda over 100 years old and a beautiful bejeweled standing Buddha image is enshrined and a belfry decorated with a feline pattern. (Click on photo for more info.)
Varee Banpot Temple (Bangnon Temple)
The temple built in 1857 by Loung Po Duan and after that build reclining Buddha in 1859 is biggest in southern of Thailand. 
This temple have the High ladder of Twin Naka on a handrail and the secound great pagoda of Waribanpot temple with Myanmar style pagoda.
Tapotaram Temple (BoNamRon Temple)
Located in Hot Spring Raksavarin Plublic Park
Build in 1854 and finished in 1861. Prah Thap Sitti Mongkhol is an abbot of the temple. In 1861 was build Prah Pariyattitam School for Buddhist novice or poor children. And temple reciving the Prize of Excellent Development Temple from Department of Religious Affairs Ministry of Culture Thailand.
In the temple hall have a "Phra Buddha Rangsi Worapoti" is the principal Buddha image from Ayutthaya Province. And "Buddha Foot Print" reproduce foot print from "Phra Buddha Bath Tak Pha" of LamPoon province for the momerial of Ratanakosin Bicentenniel.
Had Som Paen Temple
Driving from Hot Spring to Valley about 7 km. and driving into village and meet temple. You can seeing Pagoda of Buddha's relics, Buddha foot print and feeding fishes. 

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Pa Chaimongkon Temple (Pornrang Temple)
It's the meditation retreat temple. Under the natural forest garden and plants, seeing a Buddha style a Naka on his head "Loung Po Muninto" and the Ar Pa Korn pavilion where the statue of
Prince Chumphon (Krom Luang Chumphon) is located.
Baan Ngao Temple
From down town Ranong to Ngao driving to Highway No.4 about 12 km. will seeing Grass moutain and U-turn to Ngao village the location of Ngao temple. 
The history The house of Monks become to Temple in 1987. Interesting place are the Locality museum about Buddish, Tin mining of Ranong and other. And also the first Biggest Tin Buddha.
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Uppanan Tharam Temple(Dan Temple)
Located in the middle of downtown on Tamuang Rd., build in 1893 in the period of King Rama V. The temple hall build in 1947 the building style of Spanish and windows or doors style mixed in Thai and Chinese made with Teak. Burmese Style White Pagoda build in period of King Rama VI, Base of pagoda build in Bumese style and Top build in Thai style. Inside have a Walking Buddha Image.

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Samnaksong Temple, Sapanpla Rd., Ranong
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Paknumpracharangsarit Temple or Paknum Temple, Kontee Island, Tambon Paknum, Ranong Province.
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