Andaman's News 2014

Jao Ruan Spa by Ranong Hospital New Service of  Fitness Center Ranong Hospital Open Monday - Friday  14:30 - 20:00 Saturday - Sunturday & Official Holidays   12:00 - 20:00  Fee Charge   time 50 Bath/ time Monthly Member 500 Bath/ month Tel: 077-812524, 077-812630  

The End of Buidish Lent Festival at Kawthaung, Myanmar.  

Grand Opening "The Marine Shipping Route of the Container System at Ranong Port" Ranong, Thailand. First Marine Shipping Boat "SIRINUN NAVA" Departure from Ranong Port at 9.09 am. on 2nd October 2014. The Shipping Boat of Siam Seatran and Service Co., Ltd. (S.A.K. Line Co.,Ltd.)

Photo Album of The Drug Elimination Day's of Ranong Citizen. on 11 September 2014.

12 August 2014 The Candlelight Ceremony for HM The Queen's Birthday at Town Municipality Hall. At approximately 19:00 Acting Sub Lt. Chedsak Jumpates the Ranong Governor who presided over the ceremony on the occasion of the 83rd Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen at the Town Municipality Hall.  

Movies of The Championship Game of The Mingle Cup 2014 Sangthong Wiwat A & Free Kick A On Saturday 9 August 2014 At The Mingle Soccer Field , Ranong, Thailand

The Championship of The Mingle Cup 2014 & Singha - Chelsea FC Football League 2014 of Ranong SANGTHONG WIWAT A is the Champion of The Mingle Cup 2014 & Singha - Chelsea FC Football League 2014 of Ranong and the Champion going to Phuket at Singha- Chelsea FC Football League 2014 of Southern Thailand. Next Game is TX Park Phuket just about the End of August 2014.

Saturday 9th August 2014 The Championship Match of The Mingle Cup 2014, Road to Singha - Chelsea Football League 2014. The Champion of the game going to play at TX Park, Phuket for Southern Singha - Chelsea Football League 2014.  

          On Saturday 12th July 2014 Mr. Suntorn Kamkla the Deputy Chief Executive of the PAO of Ranong Province opening the match of The Mingle Cup 2014 at The Mingle Foot Ball Field, Ranong.                  Mr. Sitthipong Hiamruangngern Executive of The Mingle Cup 2014 said. The Mingle Cup 2014 is the match of 7 players football game and the competition of the game will looking for the Winner Team join in the Southern match of Singha - Chelsea FC football league 2014 at TX Park Soccer Stadium in Phuket on Aug 30, 2014.          The Mingle Cup 2014 playing at the Mingle football field, Ranong kick off at 5pm. - 9pm. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday until last match on Aug 9.  

The Canal Boat Tour to 200 years old the Giant trees at Ngao Mangrove Forest. 04 Jul 2014: Ranong Tourism Business Club or RTBC visited to Ranong Mangrove Forest Research Centre under project of " The Ranong's Tourists Travel in Ranong". The member of RTBC are exploring to travelling rute of The Ranong Biosphere Reserve under the MAB programme by UNESCO. The Group visitor of Mr.Boonsieng Mooyen the Director of Department of Highways Ranong and member of RTBC are meeting in the presentaion of Ranong Mangrove Forest Research Centre about history and the Ranong Biosphere Reserve description by Mr.Wijarn Meepol (Ph.D) the Chief of Ranong Mangrove Forest Research Centre and staff are welcoming. Thank of Photo By Ranong Tourism Business Club  

Meeting of Strategy of Ranong to Madicopolis by Ministry of Science and Technology. 24 - 25 June 2014 at Tinidee @ Ranong , Muang , Ranong Province, Thailand  

Grand Opening of Andaman Carnival 2014 @ Ranong, Thailand.

Andaman Canival 2014 Festival @ Ranong, Thailand

Parade of 5 Province and 5 Culture of Andaman Province.

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