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Free Kick A  the winner of The Mingle Cup Singha Football League 2015, Ranong and next game is Southern Game of The Singha Football League 2015 at Phuket.

The Mingle Cup "Singha Football League 2015" Grand opening on Wednesday 16, September 2015.,17:30 pm.  by Mr.Sitthiphong Hiamruangngern the owner of The Mingle Football Field, Ranong, Thailand. He said for this year is the Third years of  the Mingle Cup "Singha Football Leaque2015" and many teams joining the league together. He hope the team will be lucky. The winner team will have an opportunity in the Southern match of The "Singha Football Leaque 2015" soon.

Celebration of H.M. Queen Sirikit's 83rd birthday and Mother's Day of 2015 at the Ranong Minicipality, Amper Mueng, Ranong, Thailand.

On the July, 10th 2015. New food market was opening for Ranong city. There're service clean and healthy food, many choice of Thaifood and drinks you can find here for example PadThai, Noodle soup, BBQ, Seafood, Coffee, fruit shake, cocktail and sweet likes Thai traditional sweet.

Hinan Ranong Association an Aniversary of 102 years. of 20-22 Jan 2015.

National Children's Day 2015 at Ranong, Thailand.

Jao Ruan Spa by Ranong Hospital New Service of  Fitness Center Ranong Hospital Open Monday - Friday  14:30 - 20:00 Saturday - Sunturday & Official Holidays   12:00 - 20:00  Fee Charge   time 50 Bath/ time Monthly Member 500 Bath/ month Tel: 077-812524, 077-812630  

Photo of Boat Racing Type of 32 oarsmans, On 18th October 2014 Champion Ship Trophy of His Majesty King Bhuibol Adulyadej of year 2014.

Had Som Paen Reservoir Boat Racing the Champion Ship Trophy of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of 2014. On 17-18 October 2014 at Had Som Paen Reservoir , Ranong, Thailand.

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